Aquatics Therapy

Water is an excellent medium for rehabilitation and overall fitness improvements. The properties of water (buoyancy, compressive forces, and even hydrostatic pressure on the body) make it beneficial for the rehabilitation patient. Many patients who cannot rehab in the clinic are more successful in the water environment.


Buoyancy Buoyancy opposes the forces of gravity; allows the body to move freely and more easily than on land.

Compressive Forces the deeper one is in the water, the more compressive forces are reduced on the extremities and spine.

Hydrostatic Pressure – on submerged body parts there is equal pressure from the water on the body, which is helpful for swelling and circulatory problems.


Water therapy can better accommodate a person’s condition due to its supportive and gravity-reduced environment. Water therapy can focus on improving: flexibility, muscle re-education, range of motion, strength, balance, safety and spasticity.

Our full-size, onsite therapeutic pool is constantly heated to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Our pool is also easily accessible for our patients.